iTimdi is an interests based social network, that lets you both create new social connections based on your interests & keep your previous ones.

How are we different from other social networks?
Although the main social networks today provide their users ways to preserve their general connections, they don't offer any efficiant ways to get to know new ones. iTimdi does both due to a simple interface.

Meet & interact with new people 
After choosing your favorite interests, you'll be ready to get to know some new friends who share those mutual interests. You'll do it by creating events, search smartly (with filters like: place, hometown, birthdate, etc) and manage those new connections via status updates, content collections and later on - apps.

Preserve your general connections 
Similar interface will allow you to post updates, share collections, make events and so on. This way, you'll get the best chance to preserve your previous connections.

Combine your social-life into one feed 
The main activity feed will show the most latest and popular updates from both interfaces, and id them by mentioning each update's source.

Share your favorite web content 
A whole new feature - Collections - will allow you to share content collections. That means - pictures you love, videos that make you happy and links that refer to, what you think, is an interest content.

Keep your privacy 
You'll face the most wide privacy preferences, that will allow you to control your privacy settings the way you want it.

Email: contact@itimdi.com